The First 70

Saving the state’s parks.

Filmed in California, USA.

A couple of years ago a few committed souls devoted their time to saving California’s state parks. It all started with going to see the first 70 due for closure. In 2014, the state budget started to redress the situation, but they still have a long road to recover the billion dollar deficit. If you’re not sure why it’s worth spending money on preserving your natural and historic heritage, this video may be for you.

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New York Farm City

Rooftop farming.

Filmed in New York City, USA.

You might not expect to find a farm atop an NYC office block. How do you run a farm all the way up there anyway? Do you carry the produce up and down in an elevator? Do you use the subway for distribution?
Market gardening and city allotments are common in the UK, or Cuba, where small-scale city farming has long been a feature of society. But given the extreme centralisation and homogenisation of food production in the USA, this film makes for an interesting insight into agricultural subculture in the Big Apple.

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The city that sheds seasons.

Filmed in Cracow, Poland.

Cracow wears each season like a new coat, its barren winter parks discarded for the latest summer fashions of yellow and green. Spare a thought for Cracow’s ancient monuments, which quietly watch the seasons roll by. In this short time-lapse film, the city emerges from winter to frolic in spring and summer, kick up the leaves of autumn and the snows of winter. It is a stunning expression of the changing character of a city in thrall to the elements.

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Music by: Piano Chocolate

Everybody Street

Samurai Street Photographers.

Filmed in New York City, USA.

Join a raft of notable photographers and become a flea on New York’s belly for a few stolen moments. The true character of NYC runs deeper than the smiling families, bright colours and sunny days of its promotional tourism videos. But travelling beneath the surface of society requires incredible perseverance and a constant eye, where each moment is sought out to its occasionally dangerous end. Take a sip of surreal New York from the cup of those who truly know her streets.

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Forest of Flying Freestylers

Filmed in British Columbia and Alaska

This film reveals the intense connection between skier and nature, a relationship muted only by the clouds of snow left in their tracks. As winter fades, the forest comes alive, leaving its snowy scarf to melt upon the floor. Look closely and you may find skiers backflipping through the canopy, their thick winter coats shed and their skis clacking as they fly among the birds of the forest. If you have ever gone off-piste through a forest, bouncing through drifts of snow, you have passed over this hibernating world of magic that waits only for the sun to reveal itself.

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The Ark

The Cactus Organist.

Filmed in the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the depths of the Oaxaca desert, the cacti come to life at night with sound and light, like the organs of a heavenly church. Created for the Festival de diseño y rates digitalis, The Ark is a site specific installation, commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca. Several artists from ANTIVJ devised visual and sonic work, conceived as a trail of light. Insectoid and disturbingly alive, the cacti become shards of crystal, whose energy is controlled by an ark of light.
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Music by: Squeaky Lobster