Forest of Flying Freestylers

Filmed in British Columbia and Alaska

This film reveals the intense connection between skier and nature, a relationship muted only by the clouds of snow left in their tracks. As winter fades, the forest comes alive, leaving its snowy scarf to melt upon the floor. Look closely and you may find skiers backflipping through the canopy, their thick winter coats shed and their skis clacking as they fly among the birds of the forest. If you have ever gone off-piste through a forest, bouncing through drifts of snow, you have passed over this hibernating world of magic that waits only for the sun to reveal itself.

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The Ark

The Cactus Organist.

Filmed in the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the depths of the Oaxaca desert, the cacti come to life at night with sound and light, like the organs of a heavenly church. Created for the Festival de diseño y rates digitalis, The Ark is a site specific installation, commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca. Several artists from ANTIVJ devised visual and sonic work, conceived as a trail of light. Insectoid and disturbingly alive, the cacti become shards of crystal, whose energy is controlled by an ark of light.
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Music by: Squeaky Lobster

Mirror City

Cities of the Sky Gods.

Filmed in Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

This film captures the wonder and entrapment of urban life in America’s greatest cities. It is a digital Persian rug of symmetrical perfection. Cars fly across ceilings of tarmac on avenues of infinity. At night the sky fills with fire as light casts across a lake. City squares surround you as the traffic lights close in and a kaleidoscopic cyborg awakens. A work of pulsating visual pleasure.
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Music by: Bassnectar

Into The Mind

Carving the infinite edge of the world.

Filmed in Nepal, Canada, USA, Switzerland and elsewhere…

Can you touch the edge of the world without cutting yourself? Somewhere in the wilderness, people are throwing themselves off mountains, athletic and suicidal, like the Birdmen of Rapa Nui. Are they celebrating the achievement of life or hunting death?
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Music by: A Tribe Called Red

The City of Samba

Madness in miniature.

Filmed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The inspiration for the costumes becomes clear when the stormtroopers chase the dragon out of the arena. However, its the glowing eyes of Death presiding over the hellship of wailing souls and dancing lego men that really burns its image into your psyche. Close behind follows a 50ft King Kong playing the Empire State Building like a guitar. There’s some beautiful footage of Rio, but look out for the swimmer who gets eaten by Jaws.
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Music by: Jarbas Agnelli

Las Calles de Borges

Streets paved with the old.

Filmed in Buenos Aires & Capilla del Señor, Argentina.

Seize snippets of decay and the divine as you peer through the bleary lens of an old man’s eyes. It has been suggested that the imaginative creations of Jorge Luis Borges, born in Buenos Aires, were inspired in part by his progressive blindness. The footage at the end of the film shows Borges talking about “the task of art.” It comes from the 1998 documentary, ‘Buenos Aires, meine Geschichte’ by German Kral.
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Music by: Gustavo Santaolalla – De Usuahía a la Quiaca.

Town of Runners

The town possessed by itchy feet.

Filmed in Bekoji, Ethiopia.

As dawn rises in Bekoji, the farms are quiet, save for the scrape of dust from a rooster’s claws and the footsteps of hundreds of runners. Everyone in Bekoji is obsessed with running. In any other town, it would be madness. A story of survival and obsession that drives people from mudhuts and subsistence farming all the way to eight Olympic gold medals, ten world records and 32 world championship wins. Directed by Jerry Rothwell.
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The Packard Plant resident.

Filmed in Detroit, Michigan.

Allan Hill lives in the world’s largest abandoned building. He shares his home with birds, raccoons and the creep of nature through the plant’s windows; they lie agape as if still in shock from abandonment. 
”In 20 years people won’t even know this place. Young people will say, ‘Well, what’s a Packard? What’s a Chevrolet? What’s a Honda?’ I guess that’s all done in the name of progress. Sometimes I look at myself and look at this place here… and it looks like a perfect marriage.”
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Dust for desires.

Filmed in Vrindavan, Uttar Pradesh, India.

In the beat of an eyelid their desires are cast into the glittering light. They are suspended in the air like paint upon a canvas. Beneath the surface of chaos is an underlying joy and brotherhood. You can almost pluck it from the air, as flecks of bright dust that rub colour between your fingers. At the Holi Festival, you set aside your passions for the attainment of Krishna and the well being of society.
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Music by: Salomon Ligthelm.