Everybody Street

Samurai Street Photographers.

Filmed in New York City, USA.

Join a raft of notable photographers and become a flea on New York’s belly for a few stolen moments. The true character of NYC runs deeper than the smiling families, bright colours and sunny days of its promotional tourism videos. But travelling beneath the surface of society requires incredible perseverance and a constant eye, where each moment is sought out to its occasionally dangerous end. Take a sip of surreal New York from the cup of those who truly know her streets.

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The Ark

The Cactus Organist.

Filmed in the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the depths of the Oaxaca desert, the cacti come to life at night with sound and light, like the organs of a heavenly church. Created for the Festival de diseño y rates digitalis, The Ark is a site specific installation, commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca. Several artists from ANTIVJ devised visual and sonic work, conceived as a trail of light. Insectoid and disturbingly alive, the cacti become shards of crystal, whose energy is controlled by an ark of light.
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Music by: Squeaky Lobster

Las Calles de Borges

Streets paved with the old.

Filmed in Buenos Aires & Capilla del Señor, Argentina.

Seize snippets of decay and the divine as you peer through the bleary lens of an old man’s eyes. It has been suggested that the imaginative creations of Jorge Luis Borges, born in Buenos Aires, were inspired in part by his progressive blindness. The footage at the end of the film shows Borges talking about “the task of art.” It comes from the 1998 documentary, ‘Buenos Aires, meine Geschichte’ by German Kral.
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Music by: Gustavo Santaolalla – De Usuahía a la Quiaca.