Bigger than Life

Inside the Lost Palaces of Ice.

Filmed in Alaska, USA.

Slide down a stream into an icy chasm. Float above an ice wall on a cushion of air. Some places we were never meant to go, but with a professional drone camera, anything is possible. This film takes us out on tiny wings to stare into the eye of a glacial beast.

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The making of ‘Bigger than Life’

Grinding the Crack

Jeb Corliss jumps off a mountain.

Filmed in Walenstadt, Switzerland.

A lone man stands on a rocky outcrop above a plunging valley. In the background lurk the precipitous mountains that enshrine Walenstadt in Switzerland. He pauses, then jumps. Riding a razor thin margin for error, his wingsuit helps him to trace the contours of cliffs, ridges, and even below the tree line. The result is jaw-dropping viewing.
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