Life, Land and Justice in Uganda

Lake of Wrath.

Kalangala, Lake Victoria, Uganda.

John Muniishya lived every day of his life beside one of the world’s greatest natural tourist attractions. Then the bulldozers tore through his small farm, sweeping him and the entire local community from their land. In the Ssese Islands of Lake Victoria, corporate bulldozers have cleared vast swathes of jungle to plant palm oil, cutting through not only the local environment, but the communities that tended to its sustainable jungle farms. Land grabs and the destruction of nature in beautiful locations such as this are driven by ever-increasing demand for resources in Europe and the developed world.

Stop the landgrab in Uganda
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Forest of Flying Freestylers

Filmed in British Columbia and Alaska

This film reveals the intense connection between skier and nature, a relationship muted only by the clouds of snow left in their tracks. As winter fades, the forest comes alive, leaving its snowy scarf to melt upon the floor. Look closely and you may find skiers backflipping through the canopy, their thick winter coats shed and their skis clacking as they fly among the birds of the forest. If you have ever gone off-piste through a forest, bouncing through drifts of snow, you have passed over this hibernating world of magic that waits only for the sun to reveal itself.

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