Reaching Albion

Journey of a lifetime.

Filmed in Calais, France.

Migrants wash up against the Calais borders like flotsam upon the beach. They are unwanted travellers, their journeys begun amid the fire of war and the deaths of their families, and ending with the slap of cold wind that strikes the Calais fences each night. They have travelled so far upon this dream of a better place that they have no choice but to continue. So they risk their lives each night on the journey of a lifetime, even as thousands of tourists shunt through the Eurotunnel to the clink of champagne and a weekend away.

Directed by: Jack Chute

Address is Approximate

Dreams of the open road.

Filmed on the Pacific Coast Road, USA.

The world is a place that many will never see. But even a desk toy can dream of the open road. It can climb aboard a paper Cadillac and set a course for the Pacific Coast on Google Street View. In this animated short film a lonely toy steps into the light of a creaking sunlamp to drive upon a road he will never see, amid the silent monuments of a locked office. He experiences the world entirely by computer, at once free to roam and forever trapped. Travel really is the ultimate privilege.

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Music by: The Cinematic Orchestra

Into the Wild

Where the wild things really are.

Filmed in Alaska and elsewhere in the USA.

Give it all away, stripped back to the basics of what you own. Abandon your name, your family, friends and your very last dollar. From South Dakota to Mexico, then up to Alaska, Christopher McCandless left every vestige of what he knew to envelop himself in nature. But in the consuming depths of the wilderness, he finally realises that ‘happiness is only real when shared.’ No other film ever captured the beauty and cruelty of nature so well. Sean Penn directs.
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Music by: Eddie Vedder

180 Degrees South

A long way down, with a purpose.

Filmed on the Pan American Highway.

Jeff Johnson retraces the epic 1968 journey of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins from Ventura California to Patagonia. Their aim was to chart a new route up Mt. Fitzroy, but it was the journey to get there that defined the endeavour. En-route Jeff discovers that a love for nature is the core driver behind his obsessive enthusiasm for mountain climbing and surfing.
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