Bigger than Life

Inside the Lost Palaces of Ice.

Filmed in Alaska, USA.

Slide down a stream into an icy chasm. Float above an ice wall on a cushion of air. Some places we were never meant to go, but with a professional drone camera, anything is possible. This film takes us out on tiny wings to stare into the eye of a glacial beast.

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The making of ‘Bigger than Life’


Forest of Flying Freestylers

Filmed in British Columbia and Alaska

This film reveals the intense connection between skier and nature, a relationship muted only by the clouds of snow left in their tracks. As winter fades, the forest comes alive, leaving its snowy scarf to melt upon the floor. Look closely and you may find skiers backflipping through the canopy, their thick winter coats shed and their skis clacking as they fly among the birds of the forest. If you have ever gone off-piste through a forest, bouncing through drifts of snow, you have passed over this hibernating world of magic that waits only for the sun to reveal itself.

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Into The Mind

Carving the infinite edge of the world.

Filmed in Nepal, Canada, USA, Switzerland and elsewhere…

Can you touch the edge of the world without cutting yourself? Somewhere in the wilderness, people are throwing themselves off mountains, athletic and suicidal, like the Birdmen of Rapa Nui. Are they celebrating the achievement of life or hunting death?
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Music by: A Tribe Called Red

All I Can

JP Auclair, the Godfather of free skiing.

Filmed in Nelson, British Columbia.

“When I was a kid driving in a car: I would always look out the window and picture this imaginary skier or mountain biker or whatever I was into at the time. And I’d picture the little character using the terrain going by on the way, airing over streets and doing all that stuff, and that’s kind of the thing that we tried to bring to life in the segment.”
JP Auclair, PowderMag Interview
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Attack of La Niña

What to do when the snow gets really deep.

Filmed in Colorado, Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, California.

It’s the pure depth of snow that’s astonishing. The deepest snow in recent North American history sets the scene for some unbelievable deep powder skiing. Snow that floats and bursts into miniatute tsunamis beneath your skis. Snow that sticks to your beard, your hair and your eyebrows.
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