Bigger than Life

Inside the Lost Palaces of Ice.

Filmed in Alaska, USA.

Slide down a stream into an icy chasm. Float above an ice wall on a cushion of air. Some places we were never meant to go, but with a professional drone camera, anything is possible. This film takes us out on tiny wings to stare into the eye of a glacial beast.

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The making of ‘Bigger than Life’

The High Line

The park that invented itself.

Filmed in New York City, USA.

The High Line park in New York City was not dreamed up by an urban planner. This abandoned freight line was colonised by passing seeds that floated through wind and smog to settle and grow amid the railway sleepers, undisturbed by human touch. Nature planted a prairie road atop steel girders, cutting through New York city blocks as Roman legions once cut through forests. Its soft grasses and urban decay drew a following. From 2009–2011 this strange urban caterpillar was reopened as a public park, principally supported by volunteers and charitable donations, its melancholic passageway through New York City now readopted, the problem child finally valued for its inner beauty. It was the definition of an urban wilderness, though its reclamation has returned the gardener’s order to its chaos.

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For a taste of what the High Line looks like today, watch this.

The Ark

The Cactus Organist.

Filmed in the Ethnobotanical garden of Oaxaca, Mexico.

In the depths of the Oaxaca desert, the cacti come to life at night with sound and light, like the organs of a heavenly church. Created for the Festival de diseño y rates digitalis, The Ark is a site specific installation, commissioned by and presented during Proyecta Oaxaca. Several artists from ANTIVJ devised visual and sonic work, conceived as a trail of light. Insectoid and disturbingly alive, the cacti become shards of crystal, whose energy is controlled by an ark of light.
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Music by: Squeaky Lobster

Into The Mind

Carving the infinite edge of the world.

Filmed in Nepal, Canada, USA, Switzerland and elsewhere…

Can you touch the edge of the world without cutting yourself? Somewhere in the wilderness, people are throwing themselves off mountains, athletic and suicidal, like the Birdmen of Rapa Nui. Are they celebrating the achievement of life or hunting death?
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Music by: A Tribe Called Red


Mists and mountains.

Filmed in Amazonas, Venezuela.

From the depths of the Amazon jungle rises a solitary stump of rock, encircled by birds and low-hanging cloud. This could be all that remains of a giant tree cut down by an ancient Sky God. Until recently, Cerro Autana had never been successfully climbed. Leo Houlding, Jason Pickles and Sean ‘Stanley’ Leary beat a path through the jungle to attempt a first ascent, accompanied by director Alastair Lee. Their story will be released in August 2012.
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Yosemite HD

Small gods of the wilderness.

Filmed in Yosemite National Park, California.

As one enthusiastic viewer said: ‘hands up if you raped the replay button.’ When the sun sets Yosemite becomes a foreign moon, its sun-kissed rocks hallow and cold under the spinning galaxy above. Sunrise elicits a fragile interlude before the night brings the universe closer once again. Streams of light from passing cars on a valley floor fly towards the horizon like shooting stars. Here, if anywhere you will find the pagan gods of small and wild things. You should select HD. Oh yes, you should.
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Music by: M83 – Outro.

America’s Dead Sea

Sun, sea and toxic waste.

Filmed in Salton Sea, California.

Dead eyes stare up in their thousands from the arsenic-crusted golden sands. Somewhere among the peeling paint, rusting caravans and acres of rotting fish is the old Salton, the jewel of the desert. The people have left, leaving behind the skeletons of a flashflood tourism industry beside pesticide polluted waters. But the sea is diminishing, the shores exposed to air, and the wind lifting the contaminated soil to cast an environmental disaster over California.
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