Content Strategy

Content strategy is the only thing that separates a New York postman from the New York Post. Whether writing from a basement flat, or the top of Times Square, everyone is now equal in words. But we can’t all be trained editors and magicians versed in the mechanics of digital communication. Content strategy is the beast with an improbable name riding in to town to save you. It defines the parameters for content creation; the who, what, when, why, where and how of publishing.

scales of balance

Every magazine designs its user experience. Every editor structures a publication, guards its voice, controls its contributions and cross-references its topics.
But in a world where everyone publishes, without proper direction your content can become more lost and convoluted than the politics of the Middle East.
So, as content strategists, we seek to determine what content you need and why. Who are we talking to? What do we want from them? How de we get it?

Creating your content strategy

It all starts with the core strategy, which sets the long-term direction and aspirations for your content; the roadmap to better communication and a warplan for making the content do the work for you. What comes next? Well, we could talk about information architecture (IA), user profiling, taxonomies and other tools of the trade, but let’s keep this snappy:

What we do for you

1. Review what you’ve created.
2. Identify and prioritise your readerships.
3. Define what you want people to learn from the content and what you want them to do.
4. Prioritise your key messages, subjects and topics.
5. Decide where your content should live and how it is delivered.
6. Establish the content processes from request to publish.
7. Find your voice, know your tone.
8. Manage your content.

It sounds easy, right? All it takes is time and expertise.